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Why Hot Leads Turn Cold on your Website

by Francesca Yates
Freelance Writers Dot US

You're not alone. Most small to medium-size businesses on the Internet don't hire a professional writer to create the content of their websites. The fact is, ten years ago, it really wouldn't have mattered. Just about everybody had amateurish sites. The fact that you even had a website was impressive enough.

Not anymore. Competition is fierce. The Internet is now more sophisticated than traditional marketing media; as an interactive medium, it is far more demanding and complex.

Everything matters now. A good design can't disguise bad content. It's like wearing sneakers with a tuxedo – people are bound to notice! Bad content will definitely prevent you from making the sales you deserve.

Do Prospects "Crash Land" on your Website?

When prospects arrive at a poorly written web site, it is more like a "crash landing." They are suddenly in an alien and confusing place where they don't understand the terrain or the native language. The writing is awkward, vague and boring. Prospects wander around a little,  hoping for real information that will solve their problem. Nothing helps. They are convinced that your company doesn't have what it takes.

Frustrated, these potential customers exit your site and quickly move on to a competitor's site. Instead of a crash landing, they sail smoothly into paradise when they arrive on your competitor's site. They find their answers quickly. Every page gives them more reasons to buy. They are excited and convinced that your competitor is the best choice for them.

The scariest thing is this: it took less than one minute to attract – and then lose -- your potential customer. The content of your site failed to accurately communicate how wonderful your company really is. All because of unfocused, bad writing that confuses instead of sells, bores instead of excites, repels instead of attracts.

The #1 Reason to Hire a Professional Content Writer

A professionally written website has the same effect as having you or your top salesperson sit down and personally talk to every prospect that walks in your door, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Right now, your website IS your business to every online visitor.  But you're not there to personally make the sale. In your absence, you are expecting a poorly written, unprofessional-sounding website to tantalize prospects and magically transform them into customers. That's just not going to happen!

How to Turn Hot Leads into Happy Customers

My favorite definition of the art of selling is: "Selling is the transference of enthusiasm." If your website is filled with ho-hum copy, you are in big trouble. If you don't show obvious excitement about your fantastic products and services, why would you expect perfect strangers to get excited? If you don't take the time to give them every reason you can think of to buy from you, don't expect them to open their wallets.

My job as a professional writer is to transform your website from a "hot-lead killer" into a powerful and persuasive sales presentation that will deliver a steady stream of new customers to your door.

Site visitors need to see that you are experienced and knowledgeable and can be trusted to provide them with the highest quality services. They need to know that you are reaching out to them in a serious, sincere manner to begin a long-lasting relationship, not just to make quick money.

That is why you need to sell your accomplishments so persuasively and so compellingly that website visitors will feel that they have to have your products and services. Your website must be a strong sales presentation that transfers your enthusiasm to your prospect and results in the action of making the sale.

How a Professionally Written Website Attracts More Traffic

It sounds like magic, but professionally written content that is "search-engine friendly" actually does attract much more traffic to your site than a website written by an amateur. Here's why:

Search engines are so sophisticated now that they can distinguish between "content-rich" sites and "content-poor" sites. They know how to rank your site higher if your content relates clearly to your keywords -- this is called "relevant content." Search engines will definitely favor and reward sites whose content directly relates to the key words and phrases that people use to search for information about your industry. "Search-engine friendly" content is a critically important component for your ultimate success on-line. Don't expect your site to become highly ranked without it.

Don't Make these 6 Mistakes with your Prospects

  1. Don't hide your product or service's "Unique Selling Proposition (U.S.P.) Use your U.S.P. to grab visitors' attention the moment they arrive on your home page or landing page.
  2. Don't bore them with content that has all the appeal and charm of a technical manual. Don't confuse them with awkward, convoluted writing that jumps around from one subject to another, failing to communicate important information, stimulate interest, or close the sale.
  3. Don't underestimate them by thinking they won't read longer content. Your site must be written and designed to appeal to two types of buyers: a) Impulse buyers who act quickly on limited facts, and b) Slower buyers who want to read a lot of information about your product or service before they buy. Content must be organized to be quickly scanned by the impulse buyer and reviewed in greater depth by the slower decision maker.
  4. Don't assume that prospects will stay and buy just because they have landed on your site. You have to grab their attention in the first few seconds and keep them interested long enough to make the sale.
  5. Don't ignore the fact that your prospects have to be thoroughly convinced that you are the best company for them. Your site must help them make that important leap of faith so that they feel safe buying from you.
  6. Don't forget that when prospects come to your site and find content filled with confusing phrases, obvious grammatical errors and misspelled words, they will begin to have doubts about the professionalism of your company and the quality of your products and services. Before you know it, they will be on your competitor's site. Don't let that happen.


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