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Happy New Year from Freelance Writers Dot US

Francesca Yates - Saturday, January 01, 2011
I don't know about you, but here at Freelance Writers Dot US, my partner Duncan Yates and I are happy to see 2010 in our rear-view mirror. Prior to 2010, business had been decent -- not record-breaking -- but decent.  Increasingly, however, we were having to emphasize to prospective clients that we are professional AMERICAN writers with decades of experience and awards and happy clients to prove our effectiveness.

We cringed every time we were asked if we could match Indian writers' "$5 a page" rate for SEO content.  We politely said, NO.   As you've probably noticed, poorly written SEO articles took over the Internet like a tsunami. We don't begrudge anyone trying to make an honest living; yet here we were competing with foreign writers who--what a surprise--sounded like English was a second language to them.  We're certainly in a global community, aren't we!

After such a provocative year, it was pure, sweet irony when a Midwest web design firm hired us to "edit" the work of the Indian SEO writers he had previously hired. He said, simply, "I just can't show this quality of work to my clients." So perhaps this is a harbinger of positive changes in global Internet marketing practices--a jubilant return to well-written communications and the joy of reading un-broken English.  Perhaps, we English-speaking American writers will have more opportunities in 2011 to show the world that intelligent and confident writing is the best way to convert more shoppers and browsers into loyal customers.

Happy New Year!  The American writers at Freelance Writers Dot US look forward to helping your business blast out of the recession this year with your own economic recovery plan. See samples of B2B and B2C websites we've written. Remember, we're here to help. 
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