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How to Create Authentic Customer Testimonials that Help Close the Sale

Francesca Yates - Sunday, January 13, 2013

When I say “create,” I don’t mean we’re just going to make them up.  Instead, we will show you how to create a situation which naturally generates enthusiastic and inspiring testimonials from your satisfied customers. This process energizes your customers to communicate honestly with all those yet-to-be-sold prospects who visit your website.

Let’s face it; most businesses don’t have terrific customer testimonials. Usually, the testimonials are lackluster and sound like your customers were forced at gunpoint to say something nice. Our process for developing effective testimonials will surprise you with its simplicity and effectiveness.  

 A Common Ingredient for Success

A common ingredient for success in websites and other advertising media is customer testimonials and case studies. The more, the merrier. They have always been a powerful sales-closing technique whether you're selling door-to-door, by mail or online. This article focuses on testimonials. I'll talk about how to create dynamic case studies in our next article.

All Customer Testimonials Are Not Created Equal

Not by a long shot. There are three main types of testimonials, and they vary widely in their effectiveness:

Anonymous Testimonials

Think about those "Lose 10 Pounds of Ugly Fat Overnight" websites with suspiciously anonymous testimonials from "D.K., Atlanta" or "Housewife, N.Y.C."  They are not believable nor are they effective.

Typical Testimonials

They usually read something like, "Thanks for the great work you did!"  from "Mary Smith, Seattle, WA".  My first reaction is, "What kind of work did you? Why did Mary think it was so great?" This type of testimonial is much better than "D.K., Atlanta," but it's got a long way to go before it can be considered a sales booster.

Sales-Boosting Testimonials

 These testimonial work hard for you and help convince prospects to buy from you.  Sales-boosting testimonials are longer than typical testimonials, because they have significant details about the customer's experience with your company. They have the ring of authenticity to them. They are attributed to people with real names from real cities. B2B testimonials are signed by a real person with a name, title, company name, city and state.  You know you're reading the truth. That's why they are such great deal closers.

This testimonial is from one of our own happy clients in Virginia who used our Customer Testimonial Development Service. Tai Nguyen is the owner of Car Trendz, a custom installer of after-market electronics products for automobiles and other motor vehicles:

"New customers are always telling me that they go to our website, read all the testimonials and feel confident that I will do a great job on their vehicles, too. I'm firmly convinced that the testimonials Freelance Writers Dot US developed for us are the strongest selling point on my website.   Before my new website and the testimonials, new customers came from the local neighborhood. I firmly believe that our testimonials have helped attract business from a wider geographic area. Some of my customers drive two hours to bring their car to me. That never happened before. By the time they get here, they are already pre-sold and eager for us to do the work."  

What's So Bad about Customer-written Testimonials?

 If you're like most business professionals, you‘ve personally asked customers to write a testimonial for you. It may seem like a logical approach, but it's actually a big mistake.  Here's why: 

1. Your customers often won't write the testimonial.  They say "yes" initially, but it's just not a priority for them. So they keep procrastinating. You don't remind them because you don't want to be a pest. Time goes by, your customer completely forgets to write it, and you're too embarrassed to remind him. Sound familiar?

2. When a customer write his own testimonial, it usually doesn't reflect the customer's genuine enthusiasm for your company. Regardless of how pleased they are with your company, regardless of how many people they've referred to you, your customers don't know how to convey their feelings in writing. You can't just tell them, ”Hey, your testimonial was terrible. You're going to have to make it better."  So you're stuck with a lousy testimonial.

 Our 100% Fool-Proof Process for Getting Sales-Boosting Testimonials

We interview your customers by phone. When they tell us you did a great job, we ask for significant details and summarize their comments. They review our summary, revise it if necessary, and approve it. With our interview process, there's no need to wait for customers to write their own or nag them. And there's no need to settle for mediocre testimonials. As a third-party interviewer, we create a comfortable setting for your customers to talk honestly and emotionally.

We really enjoy performing this service for our clients, because they are always surprised their customers are so enthusiastic about their company. Encore Fundraising, one of our clients in Atlanta, told us that the testimonials we developed from interviews with over 30 customers have re-energized their sales force and given them more confidence when making sales calls.   

Customer Testimonial Development
Prove Process. Incredible Results.

We don't put words in your customer's mouth…we just ask the right questions.

Step #1:  You send us a list of satisfied customers who have agreed to be interviewed by our copywriter.

Step #2:  We contact your customers by email or telephone and schedule a brief telephone interview that will last 10-15 minutes max.

Step #3:  We interview each of them, asking specific questions that will generate solid details and a strong testimonial.

Step #4:  We summarize your customers' comments and email them the summary for their approval.  We've found that customers rarely change the testimonials we prepare, because we always listen carefully, take good notes and accurately summarize their comments.

Step #5:  Your customers email us their approved testimonials. We then forward them to you. You now have their written permission to feature their testimonials on your website and other marketing materials.  

For more information about our Customer Testimonial Service, please contact Freelance Writers Dot US on line or call Francesca Yates, (803) 708-3100.

Writing partners Francesca Yates and Duncan Yates are award-winning professional American advertising copywriters and Internet SEO content writers. Serving a variety of B2B and B2C clients across the U.S., Francesca and Duncan write high-quality original website content, landing pages, articles, blogs, newsletters and email ad campaigns.



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