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Anatomy of a Successful Website Content Writing Project

5 Steps that Guarantee You'll Get Exactly What You Need

Step #1
We talk.
Emails are a great way to keep in touch throughout your project; however, real progress begins when we talk on the phone for the first time - whether you need our professional content writing services for your new site or to improve and expand your existing site. We'll tell you about any of our experience that relates to what you're doing. We'll help you understand the components of a high-performance website, one that invites visitors in and guides them effortlessly from one selling point to the next. At the conclusion of this first meeting, we will have what we need to prepare a realistic quote for content writing.

Step #2
The Content Writing Quote
We will email our quote to you within 48 hours, including the estimated time frame to accomplish each aspect of the project. All quotes are valid for 30 days. Once you approve our price quote, we'll prepare a simple "Scope of Work" agreement detailing exactly what you expect from us, the time frame for the project and payment terms. We'll sign it and email or fax  it to you for your signature.

Step #3
The Discovery Meeting - - Information Gathering
This telephone meeting will be with you and other designated colleagues from your company. During the meeting, we'll gather information such as the following:

  • The specific goals of your site
  • The measurable actions you want your site visitors take
  • Your  "Unique Selling Proposition"  or U.S.P.
  • Availability of customer testimonials and/or customer case studies
  • Relevant advertising and marketing materials that will help us better understand your business
Our content writers thrive on information.
There is no such thing as too much information when we are preparing to write content for your site. Sometimes we discover critical facts buried in a research document or an older marketing piece that are so powerful they may become the focus of an entire section of your website.

Step #4
Home Page Content Review
The Home Page is the most important page of your website and sets the tone for your online business.   Just like the cover of a magazine, it must communicate the essence of your business quickly and effectively. It must interest and excite visitors so much that they begin instantly clicking into the rest of your site and take action toward becoming a customer. We will write Home page content first for your review.

Step #5
Internal Pages Content Review
You will review content of all pages of the site, one page at a time. We will revise content as needed until you are 100% satisfied.