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 Columbus, Ohio



Book Introduction

     When the glaciers melted in Ohio twelve thousand years ago, their rivers ran down Ohio like liquid gold, rushing to the Ohio River, the greatest tributary of the Mississippi. They left in their wake the richest farmland and forests in America. 

     Columbus was founded in 1812 on Wolf’s Ridge, a high bank of the Scioto River, an Ohio River tributary.  Located in the geographic heart of the state, Columbus proved to be the perfect choice as a capital city.

     When the first railroad came to Columbus in the1850’s, the city was energized as a Midwest transportation hub and soon became know internationally for distribution and manufacturing. Since then, Columbus has never looked back.  

     Today Columbus is growing faster than any other city in the country, with a metro area population of 1.7 million and a reputation as one of America’s most livable cities. The state’s largest city (metro area population: 1.7 million) Columbus is home to 100,000 college students, half of which attend Ohio State University, the largest state university system in the country. Headquarters for five, major insurance companies, Columbus also nurtures a growing hub of research and technology companies.  

     Columbus, or "The Discovery City," is proud of its year-round festivals, professional and collegiate sports teams and acclaimed cultural venues for the visual and performing arts.  A re-vitalized downtown with gentrified, historic, residential neighborhoods, a new Arena District and the vibrant arts district, “Short North,” are are just some of the many unique characteristics that draw so many to live, work and play in this great city.  

     Photographer Randall Lee Schieber, a long-time resident of Columbus, captures the very character of this vibrant city with spectacular images that tell the story of our country's heartland, where American values have built one of the country’s great cities. 


A trio of enormous, gleaming sails of the Navstar sculpture in Franklin Park are filled with the winds of discovery in this graceful salute to Christopher Columbus. Its largest sail points to the North Star. The sculpture was created by acclaimed Ohio artist, Stephen Canneto.


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