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 Kansas City, Missouri



Book Introduction

     In the center of America’s Heartland, Kansas City is a vibrant city full of European charm and sophistication.  Wide, stately boulevards have been compared to the celebrated, grand avenues of Paris, and over two-hundred fountains grace plazas, parks, courtyards, museums, and museums throughout the city.    

     Kansas City evolved along the edge of civilization, when the Missouri River acted as the great divide between life as it was known and the vast western lands beyond, filled with untold dangers and treasures. Kansas City was the place where the historic Santa Fe Trail was blazed, opening trade with Mexico in the 1820s. Soon it became the great gathering point for pioneers and adventurers heading west on the Oregon Trail. The city prospered as an outfitter, selling supplies that were critical to surviving the arduous, five-month journey ahead.  

     Today Kansas City is the largest metropolis in Missouri, with a sprawling metro area of nearly two million people that reaches across the Missouri River into Kansas. This "City of Fountains" features a plethora of exciting venues including the renowned Country Club Plaza, America’s first suburban mall where shopping was first elevated to an art form.  At 18th and Vine, music resonates throughout the historic Jazz District, and the new entertainment and cultural complex at historic Union Station keeps pace with the pulse of the city.

     Kansas City is also world headquarters of Hallmark, the global greeting card giant, and home to a Harley Davidson factory and a restaurant that made Kansas City the barbecue capital of the world.  The names of visionaries and philanthropists alike grace the marquees of the city’s museums, theatres, parks, and fountains. 

     "Kansas City, Missouri: A Photographic Portrait" provides a detailed tour of this historic, heartland city as it polishes its oldest treasures and creates new ones with a massive downtown revitalization consisting of new cultural, sports, and entertainment venues.

     Photographer Scott Reynolds captures this great American city with a kaleidoscope of images that reflect the true heart of Kansas City -- a vibrant place with a rich historic past and a future teeming with possibilities.


Bronze dancers frolic in the fountain spray in the Paterre Garden at Kauffman Legacy Park. The garden is a flowery tribute to Ewing and Muriel Kauffman, venerable philanthropists and promoters of Kansas City. Ewing Kauffman epitomized the entrepreneurial spirit that has shaped America. After working as a salesman for a Kansas City pharmaceutical company, he opened Marion Laboratories in 1950 in his basement. By 1989, his company had blossomed into a health care giant.


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