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 Los Angeles, California



Book Introduction

      From the moment it was settled by Spanish colonialists in 1781, Los Angeles’ original name— Town of Our Lady Queen of the Angels—foretold future greatness.

     Unlike older, east coast cities, Los Angeles grew up just as automobiles were being mass-produced, creating an unprecedented, urban sprawl and a network of freeways that now reaches into five counties and connects sixteen million southern California residents.

      This urban sprawl has fashioned a distinctively bold and sassy metropolitan area where the scenery is always changing. Stephen Bay reflects the diverse character of this world-renowned city, from downtown’s dramatic skyscrapers to distinctive neighborhood cultures. His images capture the allure of eclectic beach towns like Long Beach, Santa Monica, and Venice, ethnically rich districts like Koreatown and El Pueblo, the star-studded, magical attraction of Hollywood, and the glamour that is synonymous with Beverly Hills mansions and shopping. Such is the famed depiction of the City of Angels, but she is also much more.

     Los Angeles County alone is the site of over 40 institutions for higher education. Its internationally acclaimed private and public colleges and universities include such names as UCLA, USC, Occidental College, Pepperdine University, Loyola Mary Mount University, California State University-Los Angeles, and California Institute of the Arts. It is no wonder that the area is also a hotbed of new technologies and research.         

     The Port of Los Angeles is the busiest in the United States with record volumes of cargo coming and going from the 7,500-acre harbor, With 43 miles of waterfront, the port offers a wide range of educational and recreational facilities. As a result, environmental management is critical, making the Lost Angeles Harbor Department well known for its progressive environmental initiative

     This sun-drenched city on the Pacific is a place where creative juices flow freely, whether expressed through innovative media technologies, breath-taking architectural design, or sidewalk graffiti and murals. It is the home of fine art at the Getty Center and the L.A. County Museum of Art, performing arts at UCLA and the state-of-the-art Music Center. And it is the home of the sound stages of Paramount Pictures, Walt Disney Pictures, and Universal Studios, where one person’s idea transforms into the next blockbuster at your local cineplex.


Since its creation in 1886, design updates such as a bandstand around 1900, the addition of fountains and palms in the 1920’s, and broadened paths in the 1940’s have mirrored the city’s cultural growth. The park was updated again in 1994 by architect Ricardo Legorreta.

The stylish, five–acre public oasis reflects the modern views and colorful diversity of 21st century Los Angeles with its 120-foot purple tower, waterfall, and large orange spheres encircling a fountain. It also features a faux fault line that runs across the park. The wintertime ice skating rink is a favorite with all ages.


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