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 Seattle, Washington



     Much like a large shield protecting an ancient warrior in battle, the Olympic Peninsula and its mountain range protect Seattle from the strong winds and rains that constantly move across the Pacific. Safely nestled along the evergreen shores of Elliott Bay in Puget Sound, Seattle enjoys a surprisingly temperate year-round climate, even though Canada is just 113 miles away.

     Today Seattle has re-invented itself as a major, world player. The unprecedented success of native son Bill Gates’ Microsoft Corporation has helped transform this once blue-collar city into a prosperous, hi-tech hub of software, Internet, medical and biotech industries. The port of Seattle is one of the most important areas of international marine commerce in the country.

     This scenic and cultured Northwest city, amidst postcard views of mountain ranges and waterways, is a very special place.

     Whether you plan to move or vacation here, or just celebrate the fact that this is your home, we invite you to enjoy our photographic portrait of this great Northwestern city.      





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