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Case Studies

Financial Marketing Direct Mail Campaign

11.7% response rate to a credit card mailing to bank customers.

Five department heads met with us initially to talk about doing their first professional direct mail campaign. We turned this first meeting into a spontaneous direct mail seminar. They listened carefully, and they liked what they heard. As long as we gave them a good reason for doing something, they gave us the freedom to do it. They trusted us, and we returned the favor with the most successful direct mail campaign in the history of the bank.

We predicted a conservative 3% response rate. The customers had a different idea: they nearly tripled our estimate. Within two months of the mailing, $3.5 million in credit card balances had been effortlessly transferred over to First Citizen’s credit cards as a result of just one direct mail campaign.

  -- First Citizens Bank, South Carolina

Industrial Business-to-Business Direct Mail Campaign

Winner of the prestigious Direct Marketing Association’s Regional Award

A major shrink-film supplier for the grocery industry, Cryovac was very successful on all counts. Their experienced sales force knew what their customers needed and serviced them well. There was only one problem that was finally identified. It was only profitable for their salesmen to make a personal call on the bigger accounts; the smaller ones weren’t worth the time. Unfortunately, as a group, the smaller ones added up to an impressive amount of lost sales. Our client turned to direct mail to solve the problem. And we did.

We introduced three women in Customer Service as the personal sales representatives for these smaller companies. We featured their smiling faces on customized direct mail pieces under a tantalizing headline: “Meet Barbara. She’s got your number. And now you’ve got hers.” One-third of the customers received the “Barbara” mailing. One-third received the “Meet Nancy...” mailing. The remaining third received the “Meet Joan...” mailing.

Our client’s once-neglected smaller accounts were thrilled. Once they were targeted with this renewed attention, they responded with over $250,000 in sales over the coming months.

  -- Cryovac, Inc., South Carolina

Seminar Marketing

Management Education Seminars

We have over a decade of experience as direct mail writers for the largest producer of management education seminars in the world - American Management Associations. AMA seminars target every level of management from entry-level supervisors to CEOs. Whether the seminar was one-day or two weeks, we filled rooms in all major and secondary cities across the United States.

Management Education Books, Magazines and Cassette Programs.

In addition, we have written hundreds of  direct mail campaigns for AMACOM, the publishing division of American Management Associations. AMA is a prolific producer of educational resources for managers.

  -- American Management Associations, New York City

Technical Book Marketing

The art of selling technical books through direct mail  

McGraw-Hill Books,  a major publishing house, has a large division devoted to technical books. They use targeted direct mail campaigns that feature long sales letters to reach their specialized audiences. The direct mail writers at Freelance Writers Dot US were one of McGraw-Hill's "go-to" freelance teams for over 50 technical book campaigns. Subjects ranged from construction topics like concrete pouring to business topics like budgeting basics and accounting practices.

Our copywriters were given less than one week from assignment to delivery of a 4-page sales letter and reply device. In that time period, we had to review the pre-press gallies of each book, identify the key benefits and skills to be acquired by the reader, and translate everything into a strong sales letter that exhibited an easy familiarity with the subject matter. We did it -- book after book -- but it wasn’t easy!

  -- McGraw-Hill Book Company, New York City

Fund-raising for PBS Affiliate

600% increase in response rate generated over $50,000 in donations

PBS affiliate Maryland Center for Public Broadcasting told us that they really believed they had saturated their market with new member fund-raising mailings. With each mailing, their response rate decreased. Their last mailing generated a 1/4% response rate which didn’t attract enough new members to pay for the mailing.

We assured them that the problem wasn’t the medium; it was the message. First, we needed more information about their donors before we could successfully attract more of them. We poured through stacks of market research reports in search of something they were overlooking. We finally found it, and this startling fact jumped off the page:  An astounding 39% of Maryland Center for Public Broadcasting's donor base seldom even watch public television! They donate because they simply believe that public television should exist as a proper balance to commercial television. We were thrilled. Now we knew how to get a reaction from their dormant market. 

With our provocative "John Phillips Seldom Turns Us On" campaign, we proved that their market just needed to hear the right message. Their tired, old mailing list woke up and generated a 3% response rate with their donations -- a 600% increase over their previous fundraising mailings. We followed this breakthrough success with a series of direct-mail fund raising campaigns that generated new donors and motivated current donors to give more frequently.  

  -- Maryland Center for Public Broadcasting

Architectural Brick Manufacturer B2B Campaign

Newsletter campaign to architects generates sales and customer loyalty

Architects loved the beautiful, high-quality brick produced by Carolina Ceramics Brick.  The subtle shades and textures always found their way to an exciting, new downtown building somewhere in Eastern United States.

However, sales could be better. What more could the sales staff do? Nothing, we suggested. Instead, we recommended that we mail an informative bi-annual newsletter to all commercial architects in their market areas. We featured beautiful photographs and in-depth interviews with architects about their projects with our brick, as well as inside looks at how painstakingly the brick was manufactured. Every newsletter was a stunning showcase of our client’s expertise and obvious ability to please.

After the first newsletter, we knew we had created something of value. Business reply cards that were included with each newsletter  kept coming back with the "Add these people to your mailing list" box checked and the "Have your salesman call me to discuss an upcoming project" box checked, too. The pass-along readership was estimated at 500%.

The sales force always received feedback about our newsletters along with many, enthusiastic, "Keep it coming!" comments. We kept it coming for seven consecutive years!

  -- Carolina Ceramics, South Carolina 

Industrial Wholesaler B2B Campaign

Direct mail campaign generates unprecedented 3% response rate.

Sound Floor Coverings, one of the largest wholesalers in the Northwest, had always depended exclusively on their sales force to sell their commercial floor coverings to business markets. We convinced them of the power of B2B direct mail as a lead generator and lead qualifier. We created a direct mail package that consisted of a 9"x12" outer envelope, a 2-page sales letter, an 8.5"x11" brochure, and a business reply card. We mailed to facilities managers of hotels and motels in the Seattle metropolitan area. One week after the mailing, we followed up with a telemarketing campaign to the mailing list.

The initial direct mailing generated a 3% response rate from facilities managers requesting to talk or meet with a sales representative. The second stage of telemarketing doubled the overall response rate to 6%. The client was amazed at the power of direct mail/telemarketing. We subsequently produced other successful direct response campaigns for Sound Floor Coverings.

-- Sound Floor Coverings, Seattle, Washington


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