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Direct Mail

In the world of direct response advertising, "Copy is King."

Our direct response advertising copywriters have a combined total of over 50 years writing highly creative and powerful direct response B2B and B2C campaigns in major print media -- direct mail, magazines and newspapers.

Ad agencies and companies bring in our direct-response freelance copywriters to work with their creative directors and graphic artists on important direct marketing campaigns. Our creativity and deep understanding of how to compel a prospect to respond helps us generate record-shattering results for clients:

  • Our provocative B2B direct mail campaign generated a fast $250,000 in sales for an industrial packager and won a prestigious Direct Marketing Association award for our copywriter.
  • Our credit card B2C mailing for a large southeastern bank generated an unprecedented 11.3% response rate from our grateful client's existing customers.
  • Our provocative membership mailing for a public television affiliate breathed new life into a prospect database that hadn't performed in over a year.
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When you call us in on a direct response project, you can be confident that we will be "quick studies," work seamlessly with your creative staff, and offer fresh ideas that infuse your project with new energy and promise.

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What single skill is far more important
for writers  than their writing ability?

It's the unglamorous skill of listening. Our website content writers and advertising copywriters are great listeners, and the success of our writing projects reflects it. When we listen carefully to you, we begin to understand what makes you and your company unique. We can then ask smart questions and get even more important information from you that helps us create your unique selling proposition (U.S.P.) -- the essence of what makes you better and different from your competitors.
Our clients are constantly surprised when they read our first drafts because they are targeted and connect effortlessly with your prime markets; they seldom need more than minor revisions. We won't stop writing until you are 100% satisfied with the end product. When you hire the writing team at Freelance Writers dot US, you can look forward to the joy of a creative, collaborative experience that leads directly to your bottom line.
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