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Rainbow Writing, Inc. Site Map Page -- freelance writers, copyeditors, ghost writers, proofreaders, search engine optimization, code writers, xml code authors, graphics designers, help with publishing - Copyeditor and ghost writer. We are professional freelance writers, contract writers, rewriters, copy editors, copyeditors, copy writers, copywriters, ghost writers, ghostwriters, proof readers and proofreaders. We perform internet marketing, publishing assistance, search engine optimization and free professional services. We are also a supercheap dedicated web host and supercheap website development company. - Advice for Students and Freelance Writers - is a watchdog organization that investigates hypocrisy involving plagiarism in academia. The site also dissuades plagiarism by enabling consumers and freelance writers to publish complaints about term paper mills.

Perfect Text - A 'Netrepreneurs resource site featuring Web page proofreading, editing and freelance writing services, free e-zine and more.

FREELANCE WRITING . COM : Helping Freelance Writers to Succeed since 1997 - Learn about freelance writing. Find freelance writing jobs. Learn how to freelance.

Francesca Yates

Francesca Yates and Duncan Yates are the founding partners and senior writers of Freelance Writers dot US.

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