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Client Testimonials

"I want to thank you for re-writing my entire e-commerce website. It was so easy for me to send the complete write-up of all categories, product descriptions and "About Me" pages to my webmaster. You did all the work! And I focused on my business. I also appreciate your early involvement as we were designing the website. Your recommendations on reorganizing my site were a tremendous help. Business is brisk and I hope to end the year with a big bang! Please feel free to publish this letter and use me as your reference any time. Thanks again and hope to work with you again soon."
Designer & Founder

Crate Covers and More

"Francesca Yates is the best writer I know. Of all the content developers in my pool of resources, she's my go-to, every time. Her copy sells. She gets inside the user's mind and grabs their attention with unique selling propositions, then she weaves a story of features and benefits, and she closes the deal with irresistible calls to action. I highly recommend her for website content, sales letters, press releases, SEO articles, blogs, affiliate marketing--the list goes on. Take a look at her work. It speaks for herself. Let her speak for you."
Dan Kaplan,
 Website and SEO Services
Baltimore, MD
"As Peterson's value proposition to our clients transformed, we sought the expertise of those in the field who could help us craft the right content to deliver on that value proposition. With Freelance Writers dot US, we found such a partner. While our new model continues to take shape and evolve, so too has the relationship we have with Freelance Writers Dot US.
"Francesca and Duncan have been an invaluable resource in both providing feedback and asking probing questions that have been instrumental in shaping the services we offer our clients. And the actual content delivery has been masterful -- crisp, audience appropriate, SEO'ed to the hilt -- and equally important--on time!
It's a wonderful experience to join forces with an organization who "gets you" and is just as excited as you are about providing a valuable service to the education -seeking family. With more than 100 educational articles about graduate programs completed, we look forward to hundreds more from the Freelance Writers team!"
Fern A. Oram
Online Content Director
Peterson's Guide to Colleges & Universities

"Twin Lights Publishing has engaged the firm of Freelance Writers dot US to write descriptions of photographs for fifteen of our most recent books in our Photographic Portrait series. Each book required 140 to 150 descriptions of photographs plus introductory material. In adherence to our contract, their work has always been delivered on time. All of the projects have involved extensive research into areas that were not always familiar to them. The captions had to accurately identify and explain the photographs and contain interesting historical facts. The results have been exemplary and have made our books interesting to read as well as beautiful to view. We look forward to a continuation of our present relationship and expect more wonderful words."

Doris Patey, Owner
Twin Lights Publishers, Inc.
Rockport, MA

Comment from customer who purchased "Boulder, Colorado: A Photographic Portrait":
beth, 5/24/2006
Excellent quality photos!
I really enjoyed this book.  The photos are beautiful and the informative captions are fun to read. A great book for visitors and long-time residents.


"You certainly taught me the selling power of professional website content writing! I appreciate all the great writing you did for our new website. I also thank you for interviewing ten of our customers and getting the wonderful testimonials that are now featured on our site.   New customers are always telling me that they go to our Car Trendz website, read all the testimonials and feel confident that I will do a great job on their vehicles, too. I'm firmly convinced that our testimonials are the strongest selling point on my website.   Before my new website and the testimonials you got from my customers, new customers came from the local neighborhood.   I firmly believe that the testimonials have helped attract business from a wider geographic area. Some of my customers drive two hours to bring their car to me.   That never happened before. By the time they get here, they are already pre-sold and eager for us to do the work."  

Tai Nguyen
Car Trendz

"I began working with Francesca on two big sites. The first was an e-commerce site for organic foods, with a database of several hundred food items. Although it was our first site together, we communicated so well that it seemed as if we had a long history together. She and I have the same philosophy about exceeding our clients' expectations. We continuously improved and fine-tuned different aspects of the site to ensure that it was a great, buying experience for their customers. The client was thrilled with their new site's look, functionality and performance.

"The next site we worked on was for a nationally acclaimed addiction specialist. This very comprehensive site has over 70 pages of Francesca's high-quality writing. Our client, Francesca and I shared extremely high standards of performance for the site. I was very impressed with the easy manner in which Francesca wrote so much and so well on the subject of addictions and addiction treatment, even though this was her first client in the field.

After working with her on these two projects and others, I recommend her highly to any company that wants a professionally written site that does the important job of educating, exciting and selling their site visitors. Her level of creativity and marketing instincts definitely made me a better web designer."

Milt Webb
Milt Webb Design

Thank you, Duncan, for two terrific successes in a row! Within ten days of mailing to healthcare facilities administrators, our response rate grew to 3%. When we followed with telemarketing, our response rate tripled. Your campaigns have helped generate millions of dollars in sales for a minimal investment. We’re delighted to have you on our team!"  

Darlene Duncan
Vice President
Sound Floor Coverings
Seattle, WA
"The bi-monthly newsletter you’ve created for our company has been a very successful marketing tool for our professional architect market. I remember telling you in our first meeting seven years ago that our staff did a newsletter once; but we couldn’t think of anything new to put in the second issue! Not only have you thought of something to put in it for years, you have produced an exceptionally informative newsletter that has a very high pass-along readership among architects. Thank you for a great job -- issue after issue."

Paul Scott, VP Marketing
Carolina Ceramics
Columbia, SC
Thanks for a wonderful job! I made the mistake of trying to do my own advertising for my seminars. Unfortunately, I was never able to fill every seat in the room. I came to my senses and called you. Your writing and creative direction resulted in highly successful direct mail campaigns that filled every seminar, no matter where it was held--New York, Atlanta, Chicago or Los Angeles. You're a real pro!"

Steve Isaacs
Professional Seminar Speaker
New York City

"We’re glad you’re part of our freelance team. It’s never been easy to find good writers for our Technical Book Division. I was very impressed at the way you made it look so easy to scan a book with so much technical jargon and then write a very user-friendly direct mail piece that sold it so well.Since you’ve consistently done such high-caliber work on such technically complex subjects, I have no doubt that you could write successfully about any subject! "
Vivian Sudhalter
Technical Book Division
McGraw-Hill Publishing
New York City


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